Want to Track Bats, Bugs, and Tornado Debris? Use Weather Radar.

Doppler weather radar is one of the most useful tools available to track the weather in almost real time. Since the technology came into regular use in the 1950s, researchers have made incredible advances in the abilities of basic weather radar. Not only does weather radar track precipitation, but it can also detect… » 3/25/14 2:05pm 3/25/14 2:05pm

Heroic Jeep That Rescued People After A Tornado Is Getting A Rebuild

Can a car ever be considered a hero? There are some people in Moore, Oklahoma who might see the bright orange 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon known as "Stomper" that way. Though the Jeep was badly damaged, its owner reportedly used it to rescue people from the devastating storm. And now Stomper is getting a full rebuild. » 6/07/13 4:50pm 6/07/13 4:50pm

Watch Storm Chasers Flee From The Deadly El Reno Tornado

See the little blue arrows in that video? Those are storm chasers in their vehicles. Now see that big white blob that moves across the screen? That's the tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma that is considered the widest one in U.S. history and killed four storm chasers on Friday. » 6/05/13 3:42pm 6/05/13 3:42pm

Scary Oklahoma Dashcam Video Shows Why You Don't Drive Into A Flood

On May 31st, storm chaser Chris Novy was driving around the Oklahoma tornadoes when he saw the road ahead of him was flooded. He pulled a u-turn to get out of the way, but plunged into a hidden embankment. His dashcam recorded the horrifying drop. » 6/05/13 11:59am 6/05/13 11:59am