Homeland Star Damian Lewis Will Test His Might On Top Gear's Premiere

We're now less than two weeks away from the premiere of Top Gear's 19th season, and while we've given you a ton of great details about the mayhem the BBC has in store for us, one critical question has gone unanswered: What celebrity will be put to the test in a reasonably-priced car on the show's famous test track? »1/16/13 9:30am1/16/13 9:30am

James May Says YouTube And Facebook Are Ruining Top Gear

It's hard out there for Captain Slow and his buddies at Top Gear. Every season, they try to dazzle us with insane new stunts and ridiculous road tests. The problem is that in recent years, their antics end up posted on YouTube or on Facebook or on auto websites months or weeks before the episode airs. We've done it;… »1/09/13 1:40pm1/09/13 1:40pm

GREAT NEWS! Top Gear Series 19 Probably Begins On January 27th

Have you spent the last few months of your lives curled in a fetal position, weeping softly as you fight through Top Gear withdrawals? Me too. But there's light at the end of this tunnel: the 19th series of our favorite TV show (besides Honey Boo Boo, obviously) is set to begin airing on Jan. 27, according to Final… »1/02/13 9:00am1/02/13 9:00am

Jeremy Clarkson Threatens To Kill American Airlines Over Lost Bag [UPDATE: AA Responds, Clarkson Got His Bag]

Full-time gin-soaked British flamethrower and occasional Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is known for his strong opinions about nearly everything. He has no filter, and when he feels like he's been wronged in some way he reacts by venting his spleen, pancreas, liver, lungs, and whatever organs he has left in the… »12/28/12 9:00am12/28/12 9:00am

Jeremy Clarkson Calls The Toyobaru 'One Of The Best Cars I've Driven In Ages'

Underneath it all, Jeremy Clarkson is a car guy. He gets it. He loves the Toyobaru almost as much as we do. A sports car balanced towards driving joy, not towards pure numbers. The numbers thing, the how-fast-can-we-drag-race-a-bunch-of-cars, is the realm of people who think more is better, not better is better. The… »11/22/12 2:00pm11/22/12 2:00pm