Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Drove Me Around New York In His Taxi Cab

When they aren't filming the international super hit Top Gear, hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond take some time to work on their own projects. In Hammond's case, it seems those projects involve putting himself through immense levels of stress for Crash Course, his program for BBC America where he… »10/22/12 12:00pm10/22/12 12:00pm

We Followed Ray Wert For A Day, This Is What He Does

Step 1: Get on twitter.
Step 2: Walk around
Step 3: Check in everywhere on Four Square
Step 4: Tweet out that check in.
Step 5: Go to the roof at Gawker.
Step 6: Repeat step one.
Step 7: Nap.
Step 8: Stop by io9 "nerd cave" and pretend to steal their Hunger Games DVD.
Step 9: Hit the roof at Gawker, check in on Four… »8/13/12 4:30pm8/13/12 4:30pm