Top Gear's Next DVD Is Set For Another Ridiculously 'Perfect' Trip

Last year's Top Gear Christmas DVD, entitled The Perfect Road Trip, was a little less than perfect, to put it lightly. In grand Top Gear tradition, everything went wrong. So this year, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson are back, with the ingeniously titled The Perfect Road Trip 2. It should be interesting, to say… »10/27/14 5:09pm10/27/14 5:09pm


Top Gear's Newest Blu-Ray Special Drops Tomorrow Because Christmas

One of the weirdest things about Top Gear, and there are plenty, is that it's actually set up as a money-making enterprise and not something three blokes just do for fun. Part of that money-making enterprise involves an annual special just in time for the holidays, and huzzah, a whole bunch of previews have come out. »11/17/13 6:11pm11/17/13 6:11pm