Top Gear Season 19, Episode 1: Video Open Thread

The world's most popular British serial motoring program just debuted and we know you're anxious to talk about it so we've created an open thread for you to do just that. Of course, we're referring to Top Gear Season 19. While you now only have to wait a week to see it on BBC America, we understand a week is still too… » 1/27/13 8:47pm 1/27/13 8:47pm

This Is What To Expect In The First Episode Of Top Gear's 19th Season

After a pretty long hiatus, Top Gear returns to British TVs, American's illegal downloads, and pirated YouTube clips this Sunday. It will be on American TVs a week later, if you can wait that long. » 1/21/13 1:20pm 1/21/13 1:20pm

Everything You Need To Know About Top Gear Season 19

Jalopnik this morning has learned from insiders how Top Gear's upcoming 19th season is set to go down, and we can tell you that it is loaded with tests of some of our favorite cars, crazy exploration missions, car rugby, supercar adventures in the U.S., and wagons galore. » 1/03/13 10:30am 1/03/13 10:30am