Richard Hammond Hints At A Possible Return To American Screens

The lovable scamps that formerly hosted Top Gear have been out in the wilderness for weeks (weeks!) now, doing nothing much besides hosting a live, touring version of not-Top Gear. All the while, they’ve been sideswiping questions about a new show, but this might be our biggest hint yet about it. » 6/02/15 10:20am 6/02/15 10:20am

Top Gear Invades London, Takes Tower Bridge With Tank

Self-promotion is something the boys over at Top Gear » 9/02/08 10:00am 9/02/08 10:00am have never had a problem with, and as part of the build-up to , they've pulled out another stunt ready to become an instant classic: Driving a tank across the Tower Bridge following a line of supercars. Why'd they do it? Although initially we thought maybe…