Top Gear Invades London, Takes Tower Bridge With Tank

Self-promotion is something the boys over at Top Gear » 9/02/08 10:00am 9/02/08 10:00am have never had a problem with, and as part of the build-up to , they've pulled out another stunt ready to become an instant classic: Driving a tank across the Tower Bridge following a line of supercars. Why'd they do it? Although initially we thought maybe…

Top Gear LIVE: World Tour

Yes, not only will the US be getting our own version of the BBC's hit motoring television program, but the BBC is now saying there will be 'Top Gear Live' world tour stopping at 15 countries. No word on which countries those will be, but its possible that the US will actually be a stop; a managing director of Top Gear, … » 3/14/08 8:30pm 3/14/08 8:30pm