Jay Leno On Top Gear America: I Hope We Don't Ruin It

It looks like Jay Leno has some apprehensions about Top Gear America, and we're guessing he hasn't even seen the poorest imitation yet. In his column for The Sunday Times, he lists the reasons why he thinks the program is doomed (and he doesn't even mention Adam Corolla as host). Most importantly, he thinks the show… »4/01/08 10:20am4/01/08 10:20am

Jerry Seinfeld And Jay Leno To Host American Top Gear? Call Us Skeptical

The Top Gear gossip of the day is that Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld could be hosting the American version of the show destined for US airwaves in the next couple of years. We call bollocks. The whole rumor is built upon so much circumstantial evidence that we're a little shocked it didn't come from us. We break down… »1/31/08 2:45pm1/31/08 2:45pm