Send In The Clown... Car

The 1956 Fiat 600 Multipla is a precursor to the modern minivan. Recently, one was found in Michigan which had been transformed into a clown-car by local Shriners back in the sixties. Bozo's back and he's waiting in your nightmares. » 10/17/10 7:00pm 10/17/10 7:00pm

Frank Costin: The Man Behind the Legends

He worked with Lotus, Vanwall, and Maserati. He cofounded Marcos. He was first to use a NACA duct in a car. His shapes were uber slippery. But mention the name Frank Costin and you'll probably hear "who?" » 10/17/10 6:00pm 10/17/10 6:00pm

Milwaukee's Secret 90-Mile Portal

Back in 1979, a few enterprising Illinois Nazis discovered a very unusual secret on Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee: A portal to Chicago! We may all hate Illinois Nazis, but we should congratulate their amazing scientific discovery! » 10/17/10 5:00pm 10/17/10 5:00pm

Stalin's Best Kept Secret: The Moscow Underground Metro 2

Stalin's "best kept" secret is like saying Toyota's most boring Camry, Bugatti's fastest Veyron SS or Nissan's ugliest Juke. There are no better kept secrets than Soviet secrets. Or are there? » 10/17/10 4:00pm 10/17/10 4:00pm

NSU Prinz TT: Keep It Like A Secret

After mentioning to friends I'm writing up the legendary NSU Prinz TT 1000, the response was a resounding O NOES! After all, why diminish our ownership chances by multiplying the Do Want levels? Because it's the Jalop thing to do. » 10/17/10 3:00pm 10/17/10 3:00pm

Genesis Of The $100 eBay Exhaust System

We've all done it. Looked on eBay for car parts. And we've all seen the $100 full exhaust in polished stainless steel that looks 99% the same as the $1200 exhaust offered by the big brand name company. How do they do it? » 10/17/10 2:00pm 10/17/10 2:00pm

Charles Manson's Forgotten Getaway Truck

This Power Wagon has sat baking in the sun, broken down and abandoned for 41 years in the hills near Barker Ranch, the final hideout of Charles Manson and his crime family. » 10/17/10 1:00pm 10/17/10 1:00pm

The Last International Harvester Dealership

Few people outside the Portland, Oregon area know that when International Harvester gave up on light duty trucks and SUVs in 1980 and closed up shop, one dealer franchisee stayed open. For 28 years. » 10/17/10 12:00pm 10/17/10 12:00pm

Connecticut's Ghost Parking Lot

In 1978, an artist half-buried and covered two dozen junker cars from the 60s and 70s with pavement in a suburban Connecticut mall parking lot. There the ghost cars sat for 25 years. » 10/17/10 11:00am 10/17/10 11:00am

The Secret Of Supersonic Speed, Revealed

In the fall of 1997, two bands of engineers high on speed danced on the dry lake bed in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. One broke the sound barrier and the other didn't. We sat down with the team that didn't. » 10/17/10 10:00am 10/17/10 10:00am

The World's Largest Secret Stash of Daimler DS420 Limousines

Somewhere in a suburban office park hides a secret stash of Daimler DS420 limousines, restored to perfection. It's perhaps the largest stash of running Daimler limos anywhere in the world. » 10/16/10 7:00pm 10/16/10 7:00pm

The One Kia That Doesn’t Suck

I wouldn't be caught dead in a Kia. If you find my body in one, have the decency to drag me out. But one Kia is a well-kept secret. Cheap, disposable and effective, the Sedona is a 244-horsepower spork. » 10/16/10 6:00pm 10/16/10 6:00pm

How To Build a FrankAubilllac-Amino (Kidding, Not-Amino)

The scene, a local cruise night: Another '69 Camaro, another '57 Chevy, another '66 GTO, a '29 FrankAubilllac, another '66 Mustang...wait, a '29 what? FrankAubillac? What the... I love it! How do you build one? » 10/16/10 5:00pm 10/16/10 5:00pm

BMW’s On-Board Computer Secrets

Ever looked at your BMW's computer and thought "Wow, I bet I can do more with this"? You actually can thanks to secret menus BMW hides from the consumer. Here's how to find them. » 10/16/10 4:00pm 10/16/10 4:00pm

Brazil's Hyper-Exclusive Gullwing Death Wedge

In the mid-seventies, an export crisis pushed Brazilian auto import tariffs to near 50%. However, taxes for locally-produced cars were in the single digits creating an explosion of Brazilian auto manufacturers. One of them produced this leather-soaked apocalyptic wedge above. » 10/16/10 3:00pm 10/16/10 3:00pm

How Packard's Last Concept Shaped A Generation Of Car Design

You're looking at the seldom-remembered 1957 Packard Predictor concept, one of that company's last, futile attempts to stimulate interest in its products. » 10/16/10 2:00pm 10/16/10 2:00pm

Saab Friction Testers Pack Hidden Fifth-Wheel in Every Trunk

Imagine yourself sitting in a European airport, waiting for departure, when suddenly a neon yellow, beacon-encrusted Saab goes howling down the middle of the main runway at ludicrous speed. Too much Akvavit? Nope, just a Saab Friction Tester. » 10/16/10 1:00pm 10/16/10 1:00pm

New York City's Forgotten Auto Plant

New York City is the nation's center for fashion, banking, and media. But history forgets the Big Apple was also home to one of America's first auto factories. » 10/16/10 12:00pm 10/16/10 12:00pm

BMW's 767: The Golden Fish That Got Away

Code named "Goldfish," the 767 — with an impressive 6.7-litre V16 engine — could have made BMW's greatest dream to utterly dominate Mercedes come true. » 10/16/10 11:00am 10/16/10 11:00am

The Lost Ladas of La Habana

When you visit Cuba, there are three things you notice: The heat, the Yank tanks, and the Ladas. While the ancient Americans get the media attention, their Russian relatives toil in the background. This is their story. » 10/16/10 10:00am 10/16/10 10:00am