Driving a Car with Pliers As a Steering Wheel Is a Hilariously Dumb…

Imagine you're the police. Imagine you're in your police car. Imagine eating a donut. Imagine complaining about life to your partner. Imagine seeing a car with two obviously blown tires drive by. Imagine pulling that car over. Imagine seeing that the driver driving the car was using a makeshift steering wheel made… » 7/23/13 8:26am 7/23/13 8:26am

Hilarious Car Key Hack Lets You Drive It Like You Stole It

If your daily commute has become mundane and boring, you can easily spice things up with this clever hack that makes it feel like you've just jacked someone's ride. All you need is an old screwdriver—the more worn it is the more convincing the effect will be—and a car key you're willing to hack to bits. » 4/30/13 11:50am 4/30/13 11:50am

The Jalopnik Guide To Giving The Gift Of Tools

Although we've said that car fans are difficult to shop for, the gearhead subset of our illustrious tribe is a bit easier to please. Don't buy anodized aluminum parts that might not fit, or fan apparel that could leave them thinking you ate lead paint chips as a child. » 11/27/12 4:30pm 11/27/12 4:30pm

NASA Has The Coolest Vending Machines In The World

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory held its annual open house earlier this month, and like any good space dork I was there. There, of course, was all manner of exciting and interesting stuff to see, tended by scientists who seemed genuinely surprised and delighted by the fact that so many locals want to come gawk at… » 6/19/12 1:30pm 6/19/12 1:30pm

Driveway Grooming Now Fit For Anything With A Hitch

Believe it or not, there are other uses for trailer hitches than hanging testicles... like gravel driveway grooming. One item many forget to mention about having gravel driveways is the maintenance required. The Driveway Groomer is a simple device that can attach to the rear towing hitch on any vehicle, therefore… » 5/20/08 1:00pm 5/20/08 1:00pm

Rev Up A Romantic Dinner With Gearhead Place Setting

Roses? Check. Candles? Check. Nice dinner in the oven? Check. Beautiful place setting with automotive theme? Negative. It's a shame you forget the smallest parts of your romantic Valentine's Day dinner, such as the nice plates, glasses and silverware. Help is available, however. Say hello to the gearhead place setting. » 2/14/08 4:45pm 2/14/08 4:45pm

The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: Cheap Tool Kits

Nothing says "Thanks Ma" like stripping the hell out of your wheel's lug nuts because you wanted to use a gift. These kits come in "all purpose" "auto specific" and "auto emergency" varieties and all come in a cheap plastic case. The thought is "Hey, this person loves tools, let's get 'em something big and heavy." That's a nice… » 11/23/07 11:40am 11/23/07 11:40am

Yard Sale Find: Hulbert's Smash-Proof Creeper!

The "old days was better" thing can really get run into the ground (e.g., drum brakes, no antibiotics), but when it comes to certain things it's tough to argue with the sentiment. Mechanic's creepers, for example; these days, mostly what you get when you buy a creeper is about two weeks before ball bearings start… » 10/18/07 10:45am 10/18/07 10:45am

Fuel Injector Tester

Back when the dot-com boom fell apart and I got laid off from my cushy software tech-writing gig (at a company that had once promised a private chef, rock-climbing wall, and customized surfboards with the company logo for its employees), I fell back on a tried-and-true moneymaking scheme: buying towed San Francisco… » 10/10/07 11:30am 10/10/07 11:30am

Replace Spark Plugs

Along with swapping out the air filter and changing the oil, replacing the spark plugs is one of the few things left that require service on a modern gasoline engine. Some newer than the twenty-year old junk classics in our garage have negated even this task with spark plugs made of space-age materials that can live… » 8/10/07 1:00pm 8/10/07 1:00pm

Weekend Projects Roundup

With the weekend nearly here, it's time to pop open the hood and take a trip down the trail of parts. Those battery terminals and posts that look like a high school science experiment gone wrong need to be cleaned. As long as you're there, find the right dipstick and check the oil. If it looks as if it could be… » 8/03/07 12:30pm 8/03/07 12:30pm