Toyota Considering Prius Brand, Hybrid Priusamino Closer To Reality

The Eco Car War »9/17/08 11:20am9/17/08 11:20am is heating up and Toyota is considering creating a brand in an effort to open up a new front. This possible move would take advantage of the fact that, next to the word 'hybrid' itself, the Prius nameplate is most associated in this market with eco-friendly vehicles. Toyota already has the , and a…

ToMoCo To The General: Get Ready For A "Super, Super" Ass-Kicking!

Toyota just earned their greedy shareholders 3.6 billon duckets. Not for all of 2006, mind you; just the last three frigging months. Another sales record. And get this. Rather than resting on their cash-fat laurels after finally and officially unseating FoMoCo as the world's second largest automaker, Godzilla Motors »2/06/07 8:07pm2/06/07 8:07pm