Tom Cruise Pilots Saleen Mustang Through NYC

If you watch Access Hollywood as much as we do (just Spinelli really) you would have seen Tom Cruise's crazy tour of New York City the other day as he visited three premieres in one day. But the kicker was he drove, flew and "cruised" to them in all manner of vehicles including a new Saleen Mustang S281. Now, he also… » 5/05/06 1:10pm 5/05/06 1:10pm

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Use Decoy Ford Excursions To Leave Hospital

As f'ed up as we all might think Tom Cruise is, you almost have to sympathize with the guy for having to go to such lengths to seemingly escape the public eye he's been clamoring for since Taps. That said, check out this crazy shit that Tom Cruise just did. He and Katie, with baby Suri in tow, hopped into a black Ford… » 4/21/06 4:26pm 4/21/06 4:26pm