Tomas Delgado Withdraws His Lawsuit, May Still Enter the Embrace of Satan

Remember when we told you how Tomas Delgado was suing the parents of the boy he struck and killed to recoup bodyshop money? Well it seems the Spanish people got a little miffed by what would have to be considered one of the most ill-conceived legal actions in Iberian history. Local outrage has pressured… »1/30/08 5:15pm1/30/08 5:15pm


Audi Driver Kills Teen, Sues Dead Youth's Family Over Car Damage

In what can only be called the worst case of AADS (Asshole Audi Driver Syndrome) ever recorded, Tomas Delgado, a Spanish businessman, is suing the family of a boy he killed while speeding in his Audi A8. The accident caused 14,000 Euros of damage to the all-aluminum luxury car, and Delgado is also looking to cover the… »1/25/08 3:00pm1/25/08 3:00pm