Commenter of the Day, Gravel In Your Guts Edition

Señor Loverman usually does this here COTD thing, but he had to go to Kiev to pistol-whip some discipline into the crew running his lucrative spam operation. So, while he's applying some persuasion to those ZAZ-driving hackers, I'm handling the COTD duties for the day. Sometimes we give the COTD award to a commenter… » 12/20/07 5:30pm 12/20/07 5:30pm

PCH, Tom Waits Edition: '58 Bel Air or Yellow Corvette?

Here we are at Project Car Hell #100, and it even comes on a Friday! Yesterday we saw the Katrina-soaked '63 Bentley edge out a hairsbreadth victory over the not-so-complete '52 Benz, and today we're going to shift gears in the theme department and pick two cars referenced by Jalopnik-Approved™ musician Tom Waits.… » 12/14/07 7:00pm 12/14/07 7:00pm

Tom Waits Sues GM over Soundalike

We had a "Diamonds on my Windshield" joke all cued up, but we somehow lost the thread when the UPS guy hit the bell. No matter, it was probably less funny than hearing that Tom Waits number sung in Norwegian. What are we on about? Waits is suing General Motors's Opel division and ad agency McCann Erickson for running… » 9/22/05 5:27pm 9/22/05 5:27pm