Commenter of the Day, Gravel In Your Guts Edition

Señor Loverman usually does this here COTD thing, but he had to go to Kiev to pistol-whip some discipline into the crew running his lucrative spam operation. So, while he's applying some persuasion to those ZAZ-driving hackers, I'm handling the COTD duties for the day. Sometimes we give the COTD award to a commenter… »12/20/07 5:30pm12/20/07 5:30pm


PCH, Tom Waits Edition: '58 Bel Air or Yellow Corvette?

Here we are at Project Car Hell #100, and it even comes on a Friday! Yesterday we saw the Katrina-soaked '63 Bentley edge out a hairsbreadth victory over the not-so-complete '52 Benz, and today we're going to shift gears in the theme department and pick two cars referenced by Jalopnik-Approved™ musician Tom Waits.… »12/14/07 7:00pm12/14/07 7:00pm