Tom Brady Didn't Want His Free Chevy Colorado

GM gifted Super Bowl XLIX MVP Tom Brady a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71, probably because they've had oddly good luck with sports PR. But Brady passed off his prize to teammate Malcolm Butler, turning a simple publicity stunt into a convoluted one and looking classy doing it. » 2/11/15 6:58pm 2/11/15 6:58pm

Tom Brady Really Did Crash His 2010 Audi To Get A New 2011 Model

Last week Tom Brady crashed his 2010 Audi S8 into a minivan and then joked about wrecking it so he could get the 2011 model. Well, it's one week later and Audi's given him... the 2011 model. Seriously. » 9/16/10 9:30am 9/16/10 9:30am

Tom Brady's Wrecked Car Was An Audi Loaner

Audi confirmed the $97,000 Audi S8 sedan that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady crashed this morning was a loaner from the company, part of an arrangement with Brady that involves the Best Buddies charity. Hence the Jersey plates. » 9/09/10 12:00pm 9/09/10 12:00pm

Patriots QB Tom Brady Intercepted By Minivan In Boston Wreck

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a two-car crash this morning in Boston, when his Audi S8 tangled with a minivan. Brady declined medical treatment, but reports say he suffered multiple injuries.UPDATE:New details below. » 9/09/10 8:45am 9/09/10 8:45am