Hackers Get Free Ride On California FasTrak Toll System

Security researcher Nate Lawson has found that the California Bay Area's FasTrak toll transponders have some significant privacy problems. The RFID devices are designed to receive and transmit data to allow for stop-free tollways, but Lawson's research found that someone with the right know-how and an RFID reader… »8/07/08 1:20pm8/07/08 1:20pm

Not Quite "Good To Go" for Tacoma Toll Users

Transit officials in Tacoma thought they were at the forefront of technology when they initiated the unfortunately named "Good To Go" electronic toll system on one of their bridges. Turns out they're actually on the forefront of annoying people. Instead of the system automatically deducting the toll amount from their… »11/02/07 12:15pm11/02/07 12:15pm