This Guy Built a Toll Road Just To Avoid Construction Delays

When life hands you landslides, make your own private toll road detour. (Haven't you heard the saying?) Since February, a landslide has closed the A431 highway between Bristol and Bath in England, adding an extra hour to the commute. So one enterprising local guy built a road through a private field—the UK's private… » 8/05/14 6:30pm 8/05/14 6:30pm

The Biggest Threat To Texas' Insane 85 MPH Highway? Packs Of Feral…

In case you haven't noticed, our freedoms are under attack every day in this country, including our right to consume disgusting, diabetes-causing giant sodas and our right to use firearms irresponsibly. » 10/27/12 4:00pm 10/27/12 4:00pm