​Holy Crap This Guy Racked Up Over $200,000 In Tolls

You ever think what would happen if you just went through one of those E-Z Pass lanes that don't have a gate? And then nothing happens, so you just sorta do it again? And again? And again and again and again and then it turns out you racked up over $200,000? No? Weird. That's what one guy in Virginia did. » 11/22/13 3:40pm 11/22/13 3:40pm

Eight Reasons Why You Really Need To Get An E-ZPass

The Smoking Gun has collected motorist complaints filed against New Jersey toll collectors. Here's eight ranging from violence, to theft, racism and sexual predation. You stay classy, New Jersey. » 2/23/10 12:20pm 2/23/10 12:20pm