Jalopnik-Powered Toyota Celica Back Up And Running In The Early Morning Light At LeMons "Detroit"

Some heroic late-night wrenching — and a quick trip an hour north to Detroit — after yesterday's disastrous loss of a front wheel » 9/14/08 11:30am 9/14/08 11:30am — has helped the get back on the track here at the Toledo-Detroit LeMons race. intern Andy Didorosi was at the helm when the Celica (and its Swedish roof) hit the track again around 6:30…

Jeep Suppliers Get JIT All Over The Assembly Line

Jeep's newest assembly line in Toledo, the one that's opening today to make the 2007 Jeep Wrangler and four-door Wrangler Unlimited, is money when it comes to the JIT. That's Just-In-Time — the inventory strategy whereby parts are stocked and ordered only as needed and it's the way things've been done with suppliers… » 8/28/06 1:26pm 8/28/06 1:26pm

Read My Lips DaimlerChrysler: No New Taxes From The Supreme Court

Tax incentives, and any economic development tool, are one of the messy things folks don't like to talk about much. Politicos love to talk about the results (jobs, jobs, jobs) from the various economic development tools but none of 'em want to really get into the nitty-gritty details on what these toolsets are (tax… » 5/15/06 3:40pm 5/15/06 3:40pm

Watch Out for that Mule: Pre-production 2007 Dodge Nitro Runs Stop Sign, Hits Truck

Preprare for a spate of "smashing debut" jokes. A 2007 Dodge Nitro driven by a DaimlerChrysler employee blew a stop sign in Toledo yesterday and smashed into the back of a semi. No one was injured but the yet-to-be launched Dodge SUV, which suffered a bruised fascia, was inadvertantly outed in production trim by the… » 5/13/06 7:17am 5/13/06 7:17am

Holy Toledo: DaimlerChrysler Commits to Dodge Nitro

DaimlerChrysler is investing $600 million in its Toledo North Assembly Plant, which will host its first non-Jeep assembly — the Liberty-based Dodge Nitro SUV. The plant will be expanded by 160,000 square feet and get a team of 150 new robots, all in the name of increasing the plant's flexibility to multiple products… » 11/29/05 9:08pm 11/29/05 9:08pm