Take A Walk Through Tokyo's Dense Car Culture

I was just in Tokyo on Important Jalopnik Business, and, as always, I was thinking about you, my readers. Aside from writing "Mrs. Jason Jalopnikreaders" over and over again on my notebook, I made a point to take a stroll through Tokyo so I could give you a glimpse of the very unique carscape of this huge, dense city. » 10/02/12 6:00pm 10/02/12 6:00pm

Down On The Tokyo Street: Nissan Gloria Woody

We've been getting quite a few DOTSBE photos from readers lately, with the Denver 944 Cabrio and New Orleans Rusty Impala being a couple of recent examples. Today we head across the water to Tokyo, where intrepid British globetrotter Rust-MyEnemy had his camera ready for action when he spotted this fugitive from the… » 11/16/07 2:15pm 11/16/07 2:15pm

Down on the Street...in Tokyo: The Chevy MW Is The Opel Agila

As we continue to clean out our CompactFlash cards, we've found another piece of metal from the Tokyo streets. Here's the perfect example of a city car produced by the General that they just don't build or sell over in this here part of the globe. This five-door 'merican Revolution is the Chevy MW, and it's a… » 11/05/07 9:45am 11/05/07 9:45am