Ford Looks To The Amerigasmic Power Of Toby Keith To Save The F-150

We've already noted the propensity of Ford PR to drop happy releases right after their sad releases, as if somehow the good news will cover for the bad news. Today we got news that Ford is stalling F-150 production and then, minutes later, Ford released this note about Toby Keith's big, bad jingoistic tour: » 6/20/08 12:01pm 6/20/08 12:01pm

May the…

Ford Recalls 655,000 F-150 Pickups To Fix Hose Problem

No, not that kind of Toby Keith hose problem — the only way to fix that problem is with Viagra. And really, that doesn't fix it, it just makes the problem a bit more hard. No, what we're really talking about is Ford recalling more than 655,000 Ford F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT pickup trucks to fix some bad brake hoses… » 5/14/08 2:40pm 5/14/08 2:40pm

Toby Keith Has An Amerigasm For The 2009 Ford F-150

Toby Keith, the Ford Truck Man, he of the Bold Toby Keith Emissions Boot-in-Ass Emissions was on hand to introduce the new 2009 Ford F-150 pickup truck. It's a fantastic Amerigasm of our country-ism. No talk of EcoBoost or hybrid powertrains here. Later, basically everyone with a camera stormed Keith and put a camera… » 1/13/08 11:16am 1/13/08 11:16am

Mike Rowe Sold Purses Before He Sold Ford F-150 Trucks

Who would have thought the man who shills for the F-150 and doer of other "Dirty Jobs" used to sell purses on QVC? Well, at least Mike Rowe's "relatively secure in his masculinity." We wonder if Toby Keith thinks he's "relatively" secure as well? Although Rowe may have something over Keith due to his love of… » 6/28/07 1:45pm 6/28/07 1:45pm

The FordLink Mobile Office: An Amerigasm Of Computing For The Ford Truck Man

Apparently there's a part of the Toby Keith "Ford truck man" song we must have missed. It's a part of the song that must not have reached the commercials, where Keith pulls out a pocket protector and a tablet PC — and then says » 11/10/06 2:19pm 11/10/06 2:19pm

Keith must have said it — because with FoMoCo's new FordLink Mobile Office system,…

Idolator Wants Its Own Ford-Flavored Toby Keith Amerigasm

Our brother/sister site obsessed with music, we are flattered to learn, was so tickled by the phraseology we used to explain an orgasmic display of American patriotism — such as that displayed in the new Toby Keith Ford truck ads or the Mellencamp-soundtracked Chevy Silverado ads — they now want nothing more than to… » 10/23/06 5:01pm 10/23/06 5:01pm

Toby Keith Loves Us Like He Loves The Hot, Sweaty And Shirtless Working Man

It would seem our review of Toby Keith's most recent amerigasm over the new 2007 Ford F-series trucks did not go unnoticed by the country crooner. In fact — he loves it so much he's gone and had it inserted in a place of honor in a very special location — the top of his website. Yes, that's right — Toby Keith appears… » 10/23/06 3:11pm 10/23/06 3:11pm

One Of These Things Does Not Belong: God Blessed Texas With The 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty

Things supposedly run a bit different in Texas than they do in the rest of the country. For the most part, from what we hear, things are bigger, longer and a whole lot more god-fearing down there. We guess since stuff's so big, long and holy — it'd make sense for the automakers to have spent the end of the last month… » 10/20/06 9:29am 10/20/06 9:29am

Ad Watch: Toby Keith Plays With His Guitar And Spews Forth An Amerigasm Of Song About Ford Trucks

FoMoCo must think it can't match Chevrolet in American flags, but might be able to out blue-collar it. In the latest ads for the F-150 and Super Duty trucks — part of a "Ford Truck Month" zero- and low-percent financing on 2006 and 2007 models campaign — country crooner Toby Keith shows up in what might as well be a… » 10/06/06 12:38pm 10/06/06 12:38pm

Ad Watch: If You're Not Toby Keith In A Ford Truck, You're Just A "Good Size"

Toby Keith's still a Ford Truck man. Apparently that's all he drives; he's got no boundaries and won't compromise (ka-ching). Although if Bob Seger's career is any indication of what'll happen once a former truck ad-man loses favor with the automaker, he'll be driving a Porsche and a Nissan pickup in no time. But… » 9/14/06 10:30am 9/14/06 10:30am