Some Waste Broke Into Ken Block's RaptorTRAX And Stole Things Inside

Ken Block's epic RaptorTRAX is a monstrous tracked beast, fearing nothing in its path and obliterating all that stand in its way. Unfortunately, it could do nothing to stop horrible excuses for human beings from stealing a whole bunch of stuff out of the truck, including the light bar that sat atop it. » 3/15/14 5:17pm 3/15/14 5:17pm

Lower Speed Limits Will Not Stop Hit-And-Run Crime

A five-year old Cleveland boy was killed in a simply awful hit-and-run crash last Friday. Now, there are calls to change the speed limit in Cleveland to 20 MPH and to rigorously enforce it to stop hit-and-run. The problem is that speed limits don't cause hit-and-run accidents, terrible pieces of human garbage do. » 11/01/13 3:19pm 11/01/13 3:19pm