DAF vs. FAF: The Dutch Beat the French: The DAF-Tjorvenamino!!!

Go ahead, dude. Seriously, go ahead and even try to front on the quadruple-radical, insane mind-breaking magnitude that is a Dutch/Swedish Camino which started life as a postal van, sports an air-cooled boxer mill and has rubber bands connecting the continuously variable tranny to the rear wheels. Just try it,… »12/12/06 9:15pm12/12/06 9:15pm


DAF vs. FAF: The Davey Made Me Do It: Swedish DAF Postal Van AKA The Tjorven!!!

Sweden's got some very bad weather. So who do they call on to deliver their mail? Answer: Not Saab. Why, it is none other than DAF! This rubber band-motivated Kalmar Verkstad rebodied DAF 44 sports the awesome air-cooled 2-cylinder 40hp boxer engine we love so much along with the righteous, clutchless Variomatic CVT.… »12/12/06 9:15pm12/12/06 9:15pm