P-Eye Tire Pressure Sensor Simplifies The Age-Old Task

Forget about the complicated tire pressure monitoring systems integrated into luxury cars, the P-eye makes the task of checking your tire's pressure simple, very simple. It's a cap for the tire that will blink red when the tire is 5-percent below its recommended pressure. The system does have a flaw, albeit a minor… » 4/16/08 5:00pm 4/16/08 5:00pm

So Easy, a Kid Could Do It

Flying cars that dart about on the collective power of midichlorians are still a few years out. One of the wicked easy things we can do in to conserve fuel in the meantime is check our tire pressure. This fact was not lost on Savannah Walters , who at nine years old heard that we waste four million gallons of fuel per… » 8/03/07 2:00pm 8/03/07 2:00pm

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Parts: Check Tire Pressure

The reason to check your tire pressure is usually explained with some nearly unbelievable statistical simile bordering on hyperbole. If everyone checked their tire pressure once a month, we could save enough oil to build comfortable cities on the moon and help kittens. Or something like that. The fact is checking tire… » 2/02/07 10:50am 2/02/07 10:50am