Trouble At Mercedes? Sorry, Nico Rosberg, Your Car Is Not A Rocketship

Heartbreak in unlikely cars today: Nico Rosberg’s supposedly more reliable Mercedes engine blew right up with two laps to go at the Italian Grand Prix. While it looked like it was powered by jets for a second, this meant that Rosberg had to retire out of the race. Now the team’s been called to the stewards. Huh?
»9/06/15 9:49am9/06/15 9:49am


P-Eye Tire Pressure Sensor Simplifies The Age-Old Task

Forget about the complicated tire pressure monitoring systems integrated into luxury cars, the P-eye makes the task of checking your tire's pressure simple, very simple. It's a cap for the tire that will blink red when the tire is 5-percent below its recommended pressure. The system does have a flaw, albeit a minor… »4/16/08 5:00pm4/16/08 5:00pm

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Parts: Check Tire Pressure

The reason to check your tire pressure is usually explained with some nearly unbelievable statistical simile bordering on hyperbole. If everyone checked their tire pressure once a month, we could save enough oil to build comfortable cities on the moon and help kittens. Or something like that. The fact is checking tire… »2/02/07 10:50am2/02/07 10:50am