Like Tina, It Sure Ain't Built For Speed: 1990 Plymouth Acclaim

While the ol' Chrysler K platform (or, in this case, its AA cousin) was getting a bit long of tooth by 1990, Chrysler was still able to slather plenty of Virtually Velour™, Simu-Leather™, and Petroleo-Wood™ all over the interior, then pay Tina Turner to reference some Willie Dixon: » 4/09/08 11:00am 4/09/08 11:00am

And, now that we've got that song…

Commenter of the Day: I Hate Myself Edition

Upon first meeting me, lots of folks get the wrong idea. Yeah, I'm a big hairy dude, I write about cars, have close to 1,000 beers in my cellar and spend most of my free time losing money playing poker. Also, I've yet to take off my Green Bay hat this season as I am convinced doing so might jinx the Packers. However,… » 1/08/08 5:45pm 1/08/08 5:45pm

Tina Turner Wants To Put You In a Plymouth Voyager!

Say it's the 80s and you've got the Chrysler advertising account. You've got Tina Turner signed up to do an ad... but what's the best vehicle to have her pitch? Maybe something sporty, like the Shelby GLHS? Or luxurious, like the Chrysler/Maserati TC? No, no... when you think Tina Turner, you think minivan, right?… » 1/08/08 10:00am 1/08/08 10:00am