Tulsa Belvedere's Gasoline Samples Valuable To Science!

So all is not lost with the rust-plagued Tulsa Time Capsule Belvedere! Turns out the gasoline samples in the trunk (stored there in case gasoline couldn't be found in 2007) are of great interest to modern-day petroleum geochemists, who are always on the lookout for "age-related" samples for testing. »6/26/07 8:00am6/26/07 8:00am


Tulsa Belvedere Winner Died In 1979; Relatives To Get Car

It would have been great if the man who won the Buried Belvedere of Tulsa could have showed up in person to claim his rusty prize, but cancer claimed him back in the era of the Red Bird Firebird Esprit. Raymond Humbertson, whose 1957 prediction of the 2007 population of Tulsa was most accurate, was a career Marine… »6/24/07 12:52pm6/24/07 12:52pm