Does Speeding Really Get You There Any Faster?

Dear Lifehacker,
I have a simple question: does speeding really get you to your destination any faster? I tend to be a more conservative driver and it drives my boyfriend crazy (who always goes 10mph over the speed limit. I'm pretty sure that between red lights and traffic, there's not enough time saved for it to even… »4/02/14 1:10pm4/02/14 1:10pm

Video Proof Of The 2009 Corvette ZR1s 7:26.4 Nurburgring Lap

We've been eagerly waiting for this since we first heard the news of the stunning 7:26.4 Nurburgring lap time set by the 2009 Corvette ZR1. Now, we've finally got the footage of the Godzilla-killer in action, ripping up the Nordschleife. But will this silence the skeptics? Either way, the Nissan GT-R had better have… »7/10/08 3:30pm7/10/08 3:30pm

Don't Shed Another Tear, Time: It's Not You, It's US Automakers

Time Inc., we know how much it hurts right now to be broken up, but you've got to know it wasn't you — it was all the fault of that little broke shit you've been dating, the US auto industry. I know you can't see it now through your tears, but the US auto industry isn't doing so well these days at work and they needed… »1/22/07 1:50pm1/22/07 1:50pm

Gawker's Chris Mohney Tells Wert Why Chrysler's Looking For POTY Magic From Time

Who would have thought that Time mag's Person Of The Year (POTY being the acronym for those who are — you know, in the know) award was such a big thing? I never knew it needed a "sole corporate sponsor" — but then again, I talk about cars all day. Maybe our sister site obsessed with the media would understand better… »11/27/06 12:46pm11/27/06 12:46pm