Volkswagen Tiguan To Be Marketed As The Compact SUV 'GTI' Instead Of The 'Expensive' Compact SUV

The Volkswagen Tiguan is headed this way to compete in the highly competitive Compact SUV segment, which includes the likes of the Honda CR-V, RAV4 and Ford Escape. The sharp-looking SUV has a lot going for it, including the beloved turbocharged 2.0-Liter fourbanger found in a wide range of Audi and VW products.… »5/19/08 1:40pm5/19/08 1:40pm

Volkswagen to Premiere Eight Models at Frankfurt Show

V-Dub has big plans for the local crowd at this year's Frankfurt auto show next month. Rolling into the klieg lights will be eight new models: the Tiguan SUV, a prototype of VW's coming rear-engine city car and six BlueMotion diesels. The Tiguan we've seen, but the people's company is holding tight to the pulley ropes… »8/02/07 10:30am8/02/07 10:30am

The New York Times Gets Irreverent: VW Tiguan Highlights "Friends With Benefits" Relationship Between Automakers

It would appear even the mainstream media's got a bit o' irreverence left in it — even if it's only in the web pages of the Old Grey Lady. Here's the caption from one of the pictures from yesterday's slideshow on the new VW Tiguan concept on the Times web site: »11/30/06 11:02am11/30/06 11:02am

Even though it's "just" digital ink, we're relishing…

LA Auto Show Preview: Volkswagen Tiguan Concept Revealed

This week at the LA Auto Show, Volkswagen will take the wraps off its Tiguan concept, showcasing the company's upcoming compact SUV of the same name (a mashup of tiger and iguana — don't ask). There's no sign of fear from the Honda CR-Vs and Toyota RAV4s of the world yet, but the V-dub entry will nonetheless encroach… »11/29/06 6:55am11/29/06 6:55am