GM To Repair, Sell Crashed Tiger Woods Escalade

Tired of the Tiger Woods car crash story? Too bad. We're going to beat it into your head like Elin... right. Anyway, Tiger's GM-owned Cadillac Escalade will be repaired and either returned to duty or auctioned off. » 12/07/09 6:30pm 12/07/09 6:30pm

The Worst Car-Related Tiger Woods Jokes On The Internet

The media frenzy over the Tiger Woods car crash and subsequent personal revelations hasn't ended. This weekend's Saturday Night Live skit added fuel to the fire. It's fodder for bad comedy, so we collected the worst car-related groaners out there. » 12/07/09 1:00pm 12/07/09 1:00pm

Tiger Woods' Escalade: Complete Cadillac Carnage Gallery

The Florida Highway Patrol's released detailed photos of Tiger Woods' crashed Cadillac Escalade and despite that story of his heroic wife, two rear windows are suspiciously smashed in. Also, he admitted to...something. That's not going to help things. » 12/03/09 12:45pm 12/03/09 12:45pm

Chinese Press Creates Crazy CGI Tiger Woods Car Crash Reenactment

Just when we thought the Tiger Woods crash story had finally died down, the Chinese press goes ahead and makes it a thousand times more awesome. This clip shows a computer-generated reenactment of the accident, complete with golf club-swinging wife. » 12/02/09 9:00am 12/02/09 9:00am