Cannonball Bandits "Escalade" Gets Black Flag, Tiger's "Girlfriends"…

With Prickstine, the Bavarian Ranchero, and so many other twistedly great cars at the Goin' For Broken LeMons, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd... which is exactly what the Cannonball Bandits are doing right now. » 5/09/10 12:00pm 5/09/10 12:00pm

GM To Repair, Sell Crashed Tiger Woods Escalade

Tired of the Tiger Woods car crash story? Too bad. We're going to beat it into your head like Elin... right. Anyway, Tiger's GM-owned Cadillac Escalade will be repaired and either returned to duty or auctioned off. » 12/07/09 6:30pm 12/07/09 6:30pm

Chinese Press Creates Crazy CGI Tiger Woods Car Crash Reenactment

Just when we thought the Tiger Woods crash story had finally died down, the Chinese press goes ahead and makes it a thousand times more awesome. This clip shows a computer-generated reenactment of the accident, complete with golf club-swinging wife. » 12/02/09 9:00am 12/02/09 9:00am

Tiger Woods "Seriously Injured" In Car Crash Near Florida Home

Golfer Tiger Woods was "seriously injured" in a car crash after hitting a fire hydrant and a tree in Florida early Friday morning at 2:25 AM. The crash, at low speed, did not deploy the airbags of his Cadillac Escalade. » 11/27/09 3:15pm 11/27/09 3:15pm

GM, Tiger Woods Limp Away From Endorsement Deal

Tiger Woods and GM will part ways after five years, a reported $40 million and a lot of Buick Enclave commercials » 11/24/08 12:30pm 11/24/08 12:30pm. The press release from GM goes out if its way to suggest any link to what's happening is "purely coincidental" so, you know, feel free to blame Tiger's knees instead. But it's weird to see GM claiming the…

Broken: Buick Just Sold More Cars in China than in the United States…

The old man used to go on and on about the glory of Grandpa Loverman's 1953 Buick Roadmaster. It was beautifully styled, possessed a powerful straight-eight, had advanced features like... wait for it... power door-locks! Best of all, it was called the frickin' Roadmaster! Car names don't get better than that. Neither,… » 12/20/06 5:45pm 12/20/06 5:45pm

Breaking? GM Has Enough Problems, Will Not Save Ford...Did We Mention…

A non-Jalopnik member of the press asked Rabid Rick if instead of merging with Carlos "Hot Daughter" Ghosn's lineup, why doesn't GM simply merge with — and save — FoMoCo? Mr. Wagoner literally answered, "We have enough problems. We will not be saving Ford." The General does sound like it's intent on saving Buick. Brand… » 11/29/06 8:30am 11/29/06 8:30am

LA Auto Show Preview: Tiger Woods...Err...The Buick Enclave Is Finally …

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! After all of the waiting — all of the "sneak peaks," Tiger Woods photo ops and viral marketing, the Buick Enclave has finally arrived, and we've got the PR pictures — all of them and OMG, we've got them in the gallery below! And we know you're gonna want to see them because if you listen to the "buzz",… » 11/28/06 3:05pm 11/28/06 3:05pm

Not Out Of The Woods: Buick Continues The Lame-Ass Viral Marketing

Thank the lord of motor parts that we've got tipsters like Galvin Wong, a name at an empty and hastily created hotmail e-mail account. Without him, and folks like him, we'd have no way of getting amazing pictures of the tip of the headlight of the new Buick Enclave. That's right, despite finally getting "outed" by the… » 11/13/06 8:31am 11/13/06 8:31am

GM And Tiger Woods Engage In Viral Marketing Of The Lame-Ass Kind

The General's engaged in some lame viral marketing in the past — like when they tried to pretend cars and trucks were flying because of some silly warranty or something. Everyone knows that the cars were flying because of the secret alien-derived technology they and the feds have jointly developed out in the desert …

» 11/09/06 9:50pm 11/09/06 9:50pm

Caption Contest: Tiger Woods And Buick Enclave, So Captioned Together

Although every entry fought hard for the chance to be Jalopnik's next top caption (soon to be a new Fox reality show), unfortunately, as in Highlander, there can be only one — at least until the sequel. It's therefore now our solemn duty to inform the world, and Buick PR man Dave Darovitz, that he should have used… » 9/20/06 11:08am 9/20/06 11:08am