Volvo XC90 Wins Russian "SUV of The Year," We Offer Alternatives

Nobody will argue that the Volvo XC90 is a pretty decent SUV. It's stylish, comfortable, and even comes with a V8 now. But all that doesn't explain why it won "Russian SUV of The Year"...for the third time. Considering the soft nature of the big Volvo, we would have thought the hardened fist of Russian nationalism… »6/11/08 11:20am6/11/08 11:20am


GAZ-ooks, Check Out The Plastic Rims! Russian Automaker Unveils Tiger-2 SUV Concept

GAZ, the Russian automaker, announced at the Moscow Auto Show (who knew!) this past week the arrival of a new SUV that appears to include some style elements not entirely its own. In fact, depending on which direction you're looking at it, it looks alternately like an H3, a Jeep Commander and a Nissan Xterra.… »9/11/06 10:40am9/11/06 10:40am