For $65,000, it’s not just a Ford, it’s a Tickford

Aston Martin recently unveiled their fiddy grand version of the tiny Toyota IQ, the Cygnet. That brand bastardization may be the most extreme, but as today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Tickford Capri demonstrates, it's hardly the first. This Capri's price however, may just tick you off. » 11/30/11 8:00am 11/30/11 8:00am

Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake: The Gentleman's Wagon

The name’s Brown. David Brown. So my company built this car and I can’t fit my dogs and my guns in there? That’s just preposterous! Make me an Aston Martin DB5 shooting brake. » 6/16/10 10:30am 6/16/10 10:30am

For $70,000- It’s a Deadman’s Lagonda, Who Could Ask For More?

When Omar Bongo died, it didn't take long for the Gabonese government to put his Lagonda up for sale, and they'll even throw in a bottle of Febreze to get the dead guy smell out. » 6/17/09 7:00am 6/17/09 7:00am