​This Poor Guy Got The World's Quickest Parking Ticket

Philadelphia resident Brian Yan might be the recipient of a new world record. He went from parking his car to getting a ticket in under a minute. Maybe quicker. » 8/04/14 8:43pm 8/04/14 8:43pm

NYC's Most Lucrative Fire Hydrant Earns The City $33,000 a Year


The fire hydrant. For decades, it has been feared by any New York City driver who dares to venture out without a tape measure. If your car comes within 15 feet of a hydrant, the next thing you know you may be at the tow pound, picking it up with a several hundred dollar bill. » 5/01/14 3:53pm 5/01/14 3:53pm

What The Hell Is Going On With Tickets For The US Grand Prix?

It's the week before the United States Grand Prix—do you know where your tickets are? Lucky you, then. Until I got my tickets late yesterday, I thought mine were wherever Kimi's paycheck is—completely missing in action. Other fans? Not so lucky. » 11/08/13 2:40pm 11/08/13 2:40pm

Oregon Police Find A Way To Issue Tickets That's Actually Helpful

Ticketing a driver for a vehicle violation gives them no good incentive to fix the broken taillight, headlight, or whatever. Eugene, Oregon's new citation system is much, much better. » 10/03/13 4:45pm 10/03/13 4:45pm

Thanks To Budget Cuts, Loads Of Traffic Tickets Are Being Dismissed In…

Not that we'd advocate skirting the long arm of the law or anything, but if you've got any open tickets with the city of Detroit's 36th District Court right now, it's a good time to show up at court. » 3/21/13 10:01am 3/21/13 10:01am

How To Find The Sweet Spot When Booking A Vacation

Conventional wisdom says booking a vacation yourself will save you a lot of money—but conventional wisdom isn't always right. New (and old) methods of booking travel can save money in ways that weren't possible just five years ago, so we decided to find out: In 2012, what's the cheapest, most efficient way to book a… » 8/02/12 12:30pm 8/02/12 12:30pm

The Cheapest Seat For The U.S. Grand Prix Is $159

Tickets for the United States Grand Prix in Austin went on sale today on Ticketmaster and on the COTA website. They tickets are expensive, but relatively cheap for what you get. » 6/05/12 4:00pm 6/05/12 4:00pm

How To Get A Free Trackside Seat At Austin's New Formula 1 Race

Formula One is making its triumphant return to the Unites States this November, and we know how you can get trackside at the United States Grand Prix without paying a dime. There's just one catch. » 4/06/12 12:30pm 4/06/12 12:30pm

How To Get Tickets For Austin's F1 U.S. Grand Prix

Tickets are now on sale for the 2012 U.S. Grand Prix to be held at the rapidly-forming Circuit of the Americas in Austin this November. Sort of. Right now you can get on the wait list to buy the nice tickets. » 1/23/12 1:30pm 1/23/12 1:30pm

Swedish Driver Gets $1 Million Ticket, Needs Better Excuses

Police in Switzerland say a 37-year-old Swedish man faces $1 million fine for taking his black Mercedes SLS AMG up to 180 mph. His excuse? Faulty speedometer, which was impounded with the rest of the car. (H/T to everyone!) [BBC] » 8/13/10 10:30am 8/13/10 10:30am

Minnesota County Claims 178-mph Corvette Speeder

The yearly traffic crackdown by police across Minnesota tapped a red Corvette owner in rural Wadena County, whose passenger ratted out the driver for doing 178 mph. Maybe Prince ran out of pancakes? (Hat tip to Eric!) [Minneapolis Star-Tribune] » 8/11/10 3:30pm 8/11/10 3:30pm

Man Wipes Ass With Parking Ticket, Sends Back To Police, Gets Arrested

A man in Medinah, Illinois was recently arrested by police after wiping his rear end with a parking ticket and stuffing it into a city payment box. Nice in theory, not reality. Eww. [Daily Herald] » 4/30/10 11:00am 4/30/10 11:00am

Cops Ticket Drivers For Ignoring Creepy Pedo-Bunny

Police in Glendale, California sent an officer dressed as a scary pedo-bunny into traffic and ticketed anyone not yielding to it/him. If we saw it/him on the road we'd hit the gas too. [Glendale News Press via Traffic] » 4/13/10 4:00pm 4/13/10 4:00pm

The Ten Fastest States In America

Ever hit the highway and notice that people drive differently? Some states haul more ass than others. Here's DriverSide.com's list of the ten speediest states based on tickets issued per capita. —Ed. » 4/08/10 12:00pm 4/08/10 12:00pm

Top Ten Least-Ticketed Vehicles And Why

A nationwide study examining police ticket data across the United States has revealed one very important list — which cars don't get tickets. We've broken down the list below. » 11/24/09 3:00pm 11/24/09 3:00pm

Top Gear Played By Bogus 210+ MPH Bugatti Veyron Ticket Too!

Remember self-described social media evangelist Philip Odegard's claimed 210+ MPH Bugatti Veyron ticket? The California Highway Patrol now claims he made it up. But not before our story ended up on last night's episode of Top Gear. » 7/20/09 7:45am 7/20/09 7:45am

Victory! Arizona County Ditches Speed Camera Program

Success was had on Wednesday in the fight against robotic roadway policing, the harbinger of Skynet, when a small Arizona county struck down their failing speed camera van program. » 1/23/09 9:30am 1/23/09 9:30am

Hummer Tops Recent Study Of Most Ticketed Vehicles

A study of traffic tickets revealing the most and least ticketed vehicles reinforces obvious stereotypes: Hummer owners are arrogant, self-centered and over-indulgent, while drivers of Buick Park Avenues appear to have no discernible pulse. » 1/23/09 7:30am 1/23/09 7:30am