Watch A Police Car Make Love To A Camry, Now With Video!

Back in May, we ran a post about how one Illinois officer received his comeuppance for doing his job by having his cruiser get ran over by a Camry »10/31/08 11:00am10/31/08 11:00am. We now bring you the in-car video from the cop's perspective. The jury's still out on whether the 70-year old driver intended to dole out the harshness or if he simply…

Let's Motor! BMW Exec Jailed For Pinning 101 MPH Ticket on Son

The finance director of the Mini factory in Oxford is going to be spending six weeks in the clink after perjuring himself over a 101 MPH ticket. Thomas Moser claimed it was his 19-year old son that was propelling the Mini S more than twice the speed limit, probably trying to avoid the points on the license that could… »11/05/07 2:00pm11/05/07 2:00pm

Allen Funt Would Be Proud, Eh? Canada Secrets Away Speed Cams

Authorities in Edmonton, AB have obviously been hitting the back issues of ReadyMade and Surveillance Weekly pretty hard lately, as they've begun disguising speed cameras as ubiquitous power transformers and roadside utility boxes. (Side note, when entering the 10 off of Fairfax in LA last week, we saw a… »11/09/05 12:33pm11/09/05 12:33pm