New Hyundai Genesis Coupe Caught at Marketing Meetup

So that's how they do it. Apparently, someone looking in on a Hyundai marketing presentation snapped some shots of the new, Tiburon-replacing Genesis Coupe Concept ahead of its debut at the Los Angeles show later this month. As we were made aware at the SEMA show last week, the prototype is built on the company's… »11/08/07 8:00am11/08/07 8:00am

LA Auto Show: We Turned Our Shark Into Art: BILLY's Hyundai Tiburon

We widdle back and forth between dabbling in the art world and loathing it. But, as a sculptor we know who built an outrageous hot rod as a respite from the fine arts once lamented, "I thought the hot rod world would be full of less bullshit than the art world. Turns out I was wrong." Anyway, the marketeers at… »12/01/06 3:21pm12/01/06 3:21pm

Lloyd's Revenge: New Hyundai Tiburon Makes China Debut

Ari, to Lloyd: I drove to work in an $80,000 Mercedes, I'm driving home in a prop car from the "Fast and the Furious".

»7/25/06 8:13am7/25/06 8:13am

After years of vituperations from Ari Gold on HBO's "Entourage," perpetual assistant and Johnny Drama's new agent, Lloyd may just have the last laugh. Well, maybe not last, and not so much a laugh as…