The People's Curse: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

The people have spoken, spoken in voodoo, and their collective voices cursed and then crushed the living shit out of the Mazdasaurus Wrecks. First of all, a tip of the NFC North Champ Green Bay Packers cap to the artist they got to work the excavator. Amazing. He actually yanked the engine out like it was a still… » 12/30/07 3:45pm 12/30/07 3:45pm

The Penalty Box is Filling Up

What, eh? Me, eh? You calling me a hoser? No, you're the hoser, for sure, eh? One of the reasons so many of the FWD cars are still alive and contending is an effort at Thunderhill to discourage kamikaze-style driving techniques. As a result, cars are getting busted! Remember the white Volvo 740 wagon that was » 12/30/07 3:15pm 12/30/07 3:15pm

It's Morning in Thunderhill

We is back. Murilee's laptop just ate his hard drive. But he's doing a lot better than some of the teams. I say some, as shockingly, most of the LeMons are back on the track continuing the mega-hoonage. From what we saw, Mazdasaurus Wrecks has pulled the governor from its F1-sounding engine and is gaining a quarter lap … » 12/30/07 1:30pm 12/30/07 1:30pm

Jalopnik Support Crew Shout Out: Belvedere Adrian

We just want to give a little shout out to one of Alameda's finest sons, Belvedere Adrian. While he doesn't get paid the suitcases stuffed with cash that Murilee and I do, we did get the Gawker Overlords to cough up $1.66 to buy him a pair of gloves at the WalMart. True story. Except for the part about the Gawker… » 12/30/07 9:15am 12/30/07 9:15am

The Most Menacing LeMon At Thunderhill: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

After day one wrapped up Murilee and I went team to team and took an informal, anonymous survey of which car they were most afraid of. A few cars, like the Rockford Pile and the Size Matters Fury got a vote here and a vote there. But it soon became a statistical impossibility for any car other than the Mazdasaurus to… » 12/30/07 1:00am 12/30/07 1:00am

The Only Truck In The Race Gets Sidelined By Engine Woes

If you're going to race a truck at this race, you might as well make it a Toyota! In most-unToyota-like fashion, however, this '83 ate a main bearing early on in the race and is now being wrenched on by some very focused team members. Before the auto-parts stores closed, they managed to obtain new bearings, and now… » 12/29/07 11:45pm 12/29/07 11:45pm

FrankenAlfa Back In The Race!

When we last saw the pair of broken '79 Alfettas, the combined might of both teams was being directed at making one good engine out of two broken ones. They managed to replace the busted oil pump drive in one engine with parts from the engine with the thrown rod, and now they're back on the track and looking good. For … » 12/29/07 11:15pm 12/29/07 11:15pm

Doctors of Automotive Journalism Must Drink and Junket

Since Belvedere Adrian is here with his Belvedere (no, not this Belvedere- we mean the nice one) and Serro Scotty trailer, we decided to take a break from the 37-degree weather and whomp up some eatin' vittles. Even though the trailer isn't exactly balmy, we're out of the chilly wind as we snarf our sausages and… » 12/29/07 9:00pm 12/29/07 9:00pm

I-Markin' It With The Fiat of Japan

Team Motoring J-Style has the only Isuzu at today's race... in fact, this may well be the only Isuzu ever to race at the 24 Hours of LeMons (anyone who knows of another, please let us know). We're giving these guys serious props, not just for their choice of car, but for the Save The Enzos T-shirt sported by this team … » 12/29/07 8:40pm 12/29/07 8:40pm

Red Meat and Poontang #1!

Hell to the yeah. Sure, the 1999 Mazda Protege is no longer being called "Super Jonny," but the #67 car's real name is even better. And it's running hard, finishing 99 laps in the first 2 hours. 3 laps behind in second place is that Nissan SE-R. We're not shocked. From there on down it's a jumbled mess of beater metal.… » 12/29/07 8:15pm 12/29/07 8:15pm

What Do You Do With Two Garbooned Alfetta Engines?

Anyone who followed our coverage of the Altamont 24 Hours of LeMons race in October knows that we really, really enjoyed seeing a 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta participating in the race. And not just participating, but contending... well, until a blown head gasket sidelined the car. So we were overjoyed to find that the… » 12/29/07 8:15pm 12/29/07 8:15pm