The Most Menacing LeMon At Thunderhill: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

After day one wrapped up Murilee and I went team to team and took an informal, anonymous survey of which car they were most afraid of. A few cars, like the Rockford Pile and the Size Matters Fury got a vote here and a vote there. But it soon became a statistical impossibility for any car other than the Mazdasaurus to… »12/30/07 1:00am12/30/07 1:00am

The Only Truck In The Race Gets Sidelined By Engine Woes

If you're going to race a truck at this race, you might as well make it a Toyota! In most-unToyota-like fashion, however, this '83 ate a main bearing early on in the race and is now being wrenched on by some very focused team members. Before the auto-parts stores closed, they managed to obtain new bearings, and now… »12/29/07 11:45pm12/29/07 11:45pm

Doctors of Automotive Journalism Must Drink and Junket

Since Belvedere Adrian is here with his Belvedere (no, not this Belvedere- we mean the nice one) and Serro Scotty trailer, we decided to take a break from the 37-degree weather and whomp up some eatin' vittles. Even though the trailer isn't exactly balmy, we're out of the chilly wind as we snarf our sausages and… »12/29/07 9:00pm12/29/07 9:00pm