The 24 Hours of LeMons Judges Have Pronounced You GUILTY!

Each race car at the 24 Hours of LeMons must pass a rigorous inspection, in order to ensure that it complies with the letter- and spirit- of the official rules. No nerf bars... no $2500 engines... no wooden roll cages. Judging is a solemn affair, as you can see from the above photo of the Supreme LeMons Tribunal. »12/29/07 3:15pm12/29/07 3:15pm

Must... Get... Car... Ready... Race... Tomorrow...

After showing up to the bustling metropolis of Willows, California, we got some Camarones de Diablo at the Mexican joint next to the motel, then headed over to Thunderhill Raceway to see what manner of crazy person hardcore competitor would be wrenching on their sub-$500 race cars on a 40-degree night. In the rain.… »12/29/07 12:30am12/29/07 12:30am

Attention Thunderhill LeMons Racers: We Want Your Photos!

We had quite a few racers from the October 24 Hours of LeMons event at Altamont send us photos and/or videos of their racing adventures in the weeks following the race (such as the Carpet Pissers, for example), and we were happy to post them. Now that we're heading to the Thunderhill race this weekend, we want to… »12/28/07 10:00am12/28/07 10:00am