The Perpetual Death And Rebirth Of The Revolutionary Three-Wheeler

Whenever I see an email from any scrappy new startup company touting about how they're going to "revolutionize personal transportation" I can almost always sketch the car they're talking about without even seeing it: a sleek, low, three-wheeled wedge of a car. It's not always the case, but it's pretty incredible how… » 4/10/13 3:30pm 4/10/13 3:30pm

More on the Riley XR-3 Plug in Hybrid Kit Car

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises says its new plug-in diesel-electric hybrid is two months from launch. (It'll debut on June 16.) Purportedly, the three-wheeled XR-3 will get 125 mpg on its three-cylinder, 23 hp diesel engine alone, and 225 mpg when coupled with an electric motor driving the rear wheel. Riley, a well-known… » 3/20/07 1:04pm 3/20/07 1:04pm

Autorama Blowout! Unsafe at Any Speed - Blown 502 Trike

I think Ralph Nader's infamous title is perhaps more apropos in this situation than in its original context. I first saw this contraption cruising Woodward during the Dream Cruise last summer, but couldn't seem to catch up to it. Now it's cornered quarry and far more dangerous than I'd thought. As mentioned, that's a… » 3/16/07 2:45pm 3/16/07 2:45pm

Can-Am Spyder Website Goes Live, Trike Fanatics Hearts Aflutter

So the Can-Am Spyder is a bit of an oddity, and it was pretty much off everyone's radar, but we're on it like crazy on Congress now. The real deal grown up website is going live at 11:00pm which is like now and that means specs, new pics, maybe some vids, certainly some wacky marketing pitches. I can't promise I'll be… » 2/09/07 11:00pm 2/09/07 11:00pm