Why Three Wheels Are Better Than Four

When it comes to automobiles, the conventional wisdom is you need four wheels or more. So why are there cars driving around with three wheels? We'll take a look at the science (and the economics) of tossing out one of your wheels. » 10/09/12 3:34pm 10/09/12 3:34pm

The Stealth Trike Is A GSX-R1000-Powered Hoonmobile

Remember when we asked if flat black was dead? Well, even if you had said no, the recommendation should be ignored for the Stealth Trike. A creation of Lehigh Valley Choppers, the three wheeler has got all the goods for a seriously fun time. Built around the meaty power of a Suzuki GSX-R1000 engine, the trike sports… » 5/05/08 9:40am 5/05/08 9:40am