What Car Would You Like To See Get Electrified?

GM thinks that buyers are going to want a small, economical electric/hybrid car, a la the Chevy Volt — and much like the EV1, actually. Tesla thinks we'd like what is basically a responsibly green Lotus, though they also acknowledge our desire for more room with the Whitestar. Nissan thinks we want an Electric Cube,… »7/08/08 11:40am7/08/08 11:40am


ThoRR Electric Se7en Should Have Shocking Performance

Thor is of course the Norse god of thunder, thunder comes from lightning and lightning is made of electricity, thus naming an all-electric se7en ThoRR is appropriate. The chassis we all know and love is largely unmolested, but the powertrain is pure electrons with a Siemens 3-phase electric motor sporting a redline of… »4/28/08 12:15pm4/28/08 12:15pm