Thomas Friedman Takes It From Both Ends: First GM, Now Toyota Attacks!

The New York Times editor's taking it from every angle today — first from the punditocracy from guys like MotorTrend's "Motor City Blogman" and Fortune's Alex Taylor. Next he took one in the eye from the "other" Tom, GM's Tom Wilkinson. Even we took a shot at him. But now Friedman's taking it from the company he was… »10/04/07 3:00pm10/04/07 3:00pm

Thomas Friedman Again Fires Shotgun Blast At Auto Industry, Hits Toyota, Everyone

New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman is shaking a finger at the American automotive market again, and this time it's Toyota that he's ticked at. Friedman seems to have difficulty wrapping his head around the fact Toyota, with the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market, has joined the automakers formerly… »10/04/07 10:35am10/04/07 10:35am

Stephen Colbert Has A Word Or Two On The GM — New York Times Word War

So here's the thing — Stephen Colbert is a comedic genius. His ability to lampoon any topic — from bears to Bush has already made him a must-watch by NY and Washington intelligentsia alike — and as an added bonus — normal folks like you and I are allowed to find him funny too. Last night he had a few w rds on the … »6/21/06 5:08pm6/21/06 5:08pm

Mr. Friedman, It's Your Turn For a Rebuttal: The New York Times - General Motors Word-War Continues

The campaign word-war between the New York Times editorial page and General Motors keeps heating up — and the latest salvo was fired by Times columnist Thomas Friedman in this morning's Times. Just so you can get your bearings, let's recap — Thomas "World Is Flat" Friedman, in a New York Times editorial two weeks ago… »6/14/06 11:35am6/14/06 11:35am