GM to Open Las Vegas Test-Drive Courses Later This Year

Whatever happens in Vegas, whether it stays there or not, GM hopes it'll lead to more sales of its cars and trucks. The company is building an "autotainment" amusement park featuring two test-drive courses near the Las Vegas strip, on which conventioneer and high roller alike can test drive GM's cars on two separate… » 1/25/06 1:08pm 1/25/06 1:08pm

Ferrari Theme Park Planned for Abu Dhabi

The Ferrari(TM) marketing machine churns on ahead of the company's public offering set for who knows when (Buy, Mortimer! Buy!). The Fiat Group brand is adding a theme park in Arab emirate Abu Dhabi to its line of licensed products. The park, which will reportedly be open by 2008, will house a racetrack and museum as… » 12/01/05 8:35am 12/01/05 8:35am