La Carrera Panamericana: It's a Race, Not a Rally

Inverting the maxim constantly bandied about by competitors in the Gumball 3000 and Bullrun, among other events, La Carrera Panamericana is most assuredly a race. We've had radio silence from our correspondents from the last day as they were busy with qualifying (qualifying isn't mandatory for La Carrera, but a good… » 11/10/06 5:30pm 11/10/06 5:30pm

La Carrera Panamericana: Rachel Arrives in Veracruz

Ms. Larratt did a bunch of towing and hauling to get from the Eastern Midwest to the Southern Mexico, and just prior to that, a bunch of bandaging and rollcaging her Elise. We'll tell you this: preparing for an event like La Carrera is a whole helluva lot of work. We didn't manage to pull it off. But at least we've… » 11/09/06 12:15am 11/09/06 12:15am

More La Carrera Panamericana: Rachel's Blogging, Too!

A few long hours ago, we pointed you in the direction of Coop's Positive Ape Index in hopes of enlightening those of you who don't yet understand the sheer awesomeness of the Mexican Road Race. We also mentioned Rachel Larratt, who would be a mensch if mensches had vaginas. Plus, she's occasionally Canadian, has many… » 11/07/06 12:31am 11/07/06 12:31am

We're Not in Mexico, But Coop is: It's La Carrera Panamericana Time!

Because we suck, we are not running La Carrera Panamericana this year. We came oh-so-close, but funding and timing simply were not on our side. As such, we sit here and send our regards and good faith to the mighty Coop, who is navigating for Gerie Bledso on the historic side of things, and the awesome Rachel… » 11/06/06 2:00pm 11/06/06 2:00pm

Looking For Mister Goodcar: La Carrera's Unlimited Class Seeks FXX

So we were yammering with Haller too late at night, and as late-night yammering between car guys often ends up, ridiculous ideas spring forth. On the spot, he decided to offer free entry into La Carrera Panamericana's Unlimited Class to any hombre with cojones enough to subject his Ferrari FXX to the Mexican… » 9/04/06 9:00am 9/04/06 9:00am

The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana

Since 1988, the revived Carerra Panamericana's been reserved for vehicles that would've been eligible to compete in the original race. Thanks to Bret Haller, this has changed. Bret and his pal Kevin Ward (who won the whole shebang in Stude back in '95) have pre-run the route to make sure that it's suitable for… » 6/30/06 3:00pm 6/30/06 3:00pm