Aussie Man Builds Big-Block Batman Tumbler With Nitrous, Videotapes Entire Build Process

Beginning in 2006, Aussie superhero Grant Hodgson started off with a dream, a dream of being the Batman, and he's been building a faithful replica of the Tumbler ever since. This time it comes with a build blog. Grant's version looks to be even closer to the real deal than the one built by Bob Dullam »9/05/08 6:00pm9/05/08 6:00pm, featuring a 560…


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Batman's Tumbler

Most everyone has seen the new Batmobile, known as the Tumbler, in action on the big screen. But not everyone knows what makes it tick. Sure, there was that one guy who made his own Tumbler single-handedly, but the rest of us may not have studied up on the Dark Knight's ride so extensively. How Stuff Works has put… »8/08/08 4:40pm8/08/08 4:40pm