The Ten Most Outrageous Car Body Kits

Building a car from the ground up is an incredible challenge, which is why many budding designers have to settle for re-bodying an already built car. Whether deciding the quickest way to live their dream of owning an exotic car is stretching those lines over a not-so-exotic frame — like a Ferrari out of a Fiero or a… » 8/04/08 12:00pm 8/04/08 12:00pm

DC Design Rolls Royce Coupe (Rolls Royce Silver Spirit III)

There have been various claims made about the DC Design Rolls Royce Coupe » 8/03/08 1:41pm 8/03/08 1:41pm, including that it's actually a Nissan or a Porsche. The reality seems to be that it actually started out as a Rolls Royce. We find this to be most hilarious since another car on this list is a cheap ride made to look like a Rolls and this is a…