Free Wallpaper Of The Real Mach 5 To Start Your Weekend Off Right

This image comes from a photoshoot I did for the owners of the Real Mach 5 ( You may have seen my shoot and the backstory on Jalopnik awhile back. You may also have seen my recent post about the Black Beauty I photographed. » 5/31/13 4:38pm 5/31/13 4:38pm

Driving The World's Only Official Street Legal Speed Racer Mach 5

As a commercial photographer and filmmaker I'm often invited to shoot some interesting cars. But few have been as personally exciting as a street legal, working replica of one of every kid-of-a-certain-era's fantasy car: the Mach 5. And when I say working I mean it has two giant saw blades coming out of the front. » 12/13/12 2:00pm 12/13/12 2:00pm