3rd Gear: Honda Is Already Giving The Civic A Facelift

Automobile says one of its photographers caught the 2013 Honda Civic sedan out running around with very little camouflage. It's been no secret that Honda was alarmed at the reaction to the 2012 model, and decided to update it rather than let it languish. Automobile says the front end is new, and bears a close… » 11/02/12 9:11am 11/02/12 9:11am

Reverse: The Spruce Goose Takes To The Skies

Did you see The Aviator? Then you know the story of the Spruce Goose, the flying boat built by billionaire Howard Hughes. It remains one of the largest aircraft ever built, and it made its first flight on this date in 1947. It was supposed to transport personnel during World War II, but it took so long to develop that… » 11/02/12 9:09am 11/02/12 9:09am