50 States of Speed: Know the speeding laws in every state

It seems like everyone speeds, but it doesn't seem like everyone knows what happens when they get caught—especially in an unfamiliar state. Did you know that most states have open reckless driving laws that can lead to days or even months of jail time? Just ask Patrick George about that. » 8/06/14 10:48am 8/06/14 10:48am

The Guy Who Invented That Neon Underglow Changed His Name To "They"

I suppose that headline pretty much gave everything away, huh? It's like the opposite of clickbait. Is that click-repellent? Shit, I hope not. But it's all true, and it's bizarre. The inventor who came up with the idea of sticking neon tubes under your car is legally known as "They." » 7/10/14 8:30pm 7/10/14 8:30pm