New Mini Cooper Teased With Classic Italian Job Music

I have to hand it to Mini on this one. Rather than tease us with closeups (which is annoying in and of itself, automakers) of the 2015 Mini Cooper using some generic whatever music, they did it with a tune from the most famous Mini Cooper movie ever: The Italian Job. » 11/11/13 2:20pm 11/11/13 2:20pm

1979 MG Midget and vintage skateboarders create "a moving experience"

What has four wheels and reflexes so quick it almost seems alive? The MG Midget of course. During the model's final year of production British Leyland decided to pair up the still clean cut and color coordinated sport of skateboarding with their not long for the world and mostly outdated MG Midget to create this… » 5/21/11 9:00am 5/21/11 9:00am

The Italian Job: Jeremy Clarkson's High Horsepower Weight Loss Plan

In case Thriller or The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly didn't clear this up for you, perhaps The Italian Job will make it obvious Jeremy Clarkson's got the world's best job... and least creative DVD titles. » 10/11/10 3:00pm 10/11/10 3:00pm

Shady Grass, Superchargers, Kids Screaming: It's A Sunday Car Show In…

As a car guy, there is nothing more relaxing that walking through a park and watching other car guys polish endlessly to keep their cars shiny while eager children feel the need to touch everything. » 8/15/10 2:00pm 8/15/10 2:00pm

How MacGyver Ripped Off The Greatest Car Chase Ever Filmed

Even a Swiss Army knife-equipped MacGyver couldn't hide that a major chase scene from the show's first season was lifted wholesale from the 1969 film The Italian Job. Luckily, mullets and Minis go together like cheesy music and ‘80s TV. » 3/10/10 3:30pm 3/10/10 3:30pm

Top Gear To Recreate Italian Job, Drive Minis Through Belfast Sewers

Top Gear is planning to recreate the most famous scene from The Italian Job, racing Minis through Belfast's Sewers. Belfast? Well, James May doesn't like Italy. » 7/22/09 11:00am 7/22/09 11:00am