Chrysler Builds Buzz For Challenger In Memphis Airport

After spending a billion (or three) dollars on market research, the elite Chrysler media team achieved a coup de grâce in the Muscle Car Wars by getting the new Challenger SRT8 positioned on the front partition of the southernmost magazine rack at Memphis International Airport's "LiterAIRy" bookstore/Elvis memorabilia… »3/05/08 5:02pm3/05/08 5:02pm


Detroit Auto Show: NAIAS Jalopnik Caption Contest, Now With A Prize

A member of our staff accidentally walked away with the menu you see above from The Firehouse, the one-time-only magical bar that appears in an actual working Detroit Firehouse across the street thanks to the folks at Chrysler (this is where Dr. Z poured us beer). It's a nice event, with all tips going towards the… »1/18/08 10:00am1/18/08 10:00am