Fast And Furious Threw Real Fake Cars Out Of A Real Airplane

The Fast and the Furious conglomerate of movies is known for their egregious use of CGI and quite frankly some poor decision making, but according to a recent behind the scenes look from the latest Furious 7 sequel, this reputation might need reconsideration. » 3/12/15 10:35pm 3/12/15 10:35pm

New Furious 7 (JUMPS) Trailer (JUMPS) Is Just (OMG JUMPS) Car Jumps

There's a new trailer for the new Fast and the Furious movie and it's just jumps. Seriously, just jumps. It's amazing. » 1/29/15 1:40pm 1/29/15 1:40pm

Here's The First Furious 7 Trailer: It's Jason Statham VS. Everybody

Nutty tuner cars bending the laws of physics. Slow-motion leaps across vehicles. The comic relief of Tyrese Gibson's clichés... if you like anything about the Fast & Furious series, it looks like Furious 7 is going to blow your happiness gasket. Also, cars go skydiving. » 11/01/14 5:30pm 11/01/14 5:30pm

You Can Be Both Fast And Furious With This Acura Integra Movie Car

We all remember the first time we saw The Fast and the Furious on the big screen, and most of us peeled out of the parking lot in our 127hp Honda Civic EX. If you long for those days when you made the VTEC kick in, now is your chance to own an original movie car with this 1996 Integra GS-R. » 10/31/14 6:08pm 10/31/14 6:08pm

Tyrese Is Trying To Sell His Modified Sprinter Van On Instagram

Tyrese, who is famous for many things that you totally know off the top of your head, owns a Sprinter van with Rolls Royce badges on it. And now it's for sale. On Instagram. A well known car sales site. » 9/02/14 4:39pm 9/02/14 4:39pm

The Prettiest Modified Cars Of All Time

The events of this weekend made me think a lot about Paul Walker and the films that he made, especially the Fast and Furious franchise that he helped make so popular. Beyond Walker, Vin Diesel, and Michelle Rodriguez, though, the stars of the films were truly the cars. » 12/01/13 4:18pm 12/01/13 4:18pm

Fast And Furious 7 WIll Be Released July 11th, 2014

No, you're not crazy. Fast And Furious 6 isn't even out yet and now Vin Diesel just told a crowd at Cinemacon that the seventh installment in the franchise will premier next year. Specifically, Fast And Furious 7 (or whatever they call it) will premiere on July 11th, 2014. You've been warned. » 4/16/13 3:10pm 4/16/13 3:10pm

This 'Paul Walker Edition' 1991 Celica Is Fast As Well As Furious

Quick, what's your favorite car from the original The Fast & The Furious? (You know, the one from back when those movies were more or less about cars and street racing, not aircraft hijacking.) » 2/09/13 4:00pm 2/09/13 4:00pm

Fast And Furious 6 Extended Trailer: Now With Even More Carnage

Fast And Furious 6's first short trailer aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday. If you didn't think it had enough explosions or action, then I have some great news. » 2/05/13 2:40pm 2/05/13 2:40pm

Why Fast And Furious 6 Will Be My Favorite Movie Of 2013

The Fast and the Furious films are the ultimate guilty pleasure for any moviegoer that doesn't have to bring a tissue to their theater. They aren't realistic and they aren't ever that good, but they're a dependably fun watch with tons of action, great cars, and terrible cars that are great within the context of the… » 2/04/13 12:00pm 2/04/13 12:00pm

What's It Like To Drive A 700-hp Toyota Supra?

Remember that movie about moving at a high rate of speed while being, er, angrily frenzied? I forget what it was called. Either way, that movie made legend of the tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra. But what's it like to drive one of those things? » 8/27/12 5:30pm 8/27/12 5:30pm

Big Bird Skyline Going To The Crusher

Once again, Uncle Sam is showing his hatred of Nissan Skylines, this time in a physical rather than a regulatory way. Two Nissan Skylines — one featured in The Fast and the Furious — have been condemned by a Wisconsin court to be sent to the crusher. » 5/30/12 10:00am 5/30/12 10:00am

These Two 19-Year-Olds Ran Over A Flag Girl In An Illicit Street Race

Prosecutors in St. Louis have charged two men after they hit and ran over a 17-year-old girl who was acting as the flag girl for their illicit street race. Now associates of one are trying to defend him online. » 12/09/10 4:00pm 12/09/10 4:00pm

Hollywood Gets Its Bromance On At Thunderhill

Racers at this weekend's 25 Hours Of Thunderhill will need special shades lest they be blinded by the stars in reasonably-priced Mazda race cars: The Fast and the Furious anchor Paul Walker, and Grey's Anatomy dude Patrick Dempsey. [Willows-Journal.Com] » 12/03/10 4:40pm 12/03/10 4:40pm

Feds Bust Importer Of GT-R Used In The Fast And The Furious

A former Orange County sheriff's deputy is expected to plead guilty to charges stemming from illegal importation of 12 Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, including the one driven by Paul Walker in "The Fast and the Furious." [Frank4Cars/LAT] » 11/03/10 12:00pm 11/03/10 12:00pm

Pentagon Recruits Extras for Transformers 3

After long discussions, the producers of Transformers 3 won permission to film around Washington this week. To help fill out one scene, they needed to recruit 33 military men for extras. Who's more expert at recruiting than the Pentagon? » 10/11/10 1:30pm 10/11/10 1:30pm

Street Racer Taunts Newspaper Who Wrote Up His Arrest

Police in Springfield, Mass., arrested Luis Correa, 19, after street racing his Mitsubishi Eclipse. When the local newspaper wrote up the arrest, Correa took to its website to talk some smack about his racing skills and a reporter. » 10/01/10 4:30pm 10/01/10 4:30pm

Fast and the Furious Fugutive Caught After Foot Chase

Erik Holtz, the upstate New York man who boasted online about outrunning three police chases, was arrested Saturday after a brief foot pursuit near his parents' business. He faces 17 charges, and police thanked online posters for their tips. » 8/14/10 9:52pm 8/14/10 9:52pm

Fast And The Furious Fugitive Taunts Cops From Web

Erik Holtz, 25, of Fairport, N.Y. is wanted for aiming his Mitsubishi at a police officer and evading three pursuits last Saturday. While on the lam, the Fast And The Furious wannabe's taunted cops via car forums and YouTube.UPDATE » 8/13/10 2:30pm 8/13/10 2:30pm